Bradley Chubb

#09 Bradley Chubb


POSITION: Defensive End (DE/3-4)

SCHOOL: North Carolina State

HEIGHT:  6-3    

WEIGHT:  275

40 Time:  0.00


  • He possesses a good physical structure to his build projecting to the next level
  • He is a high motor performer…frequently displaying good effort from snap-to-whistle
  • He displays the athleticism of a player much smaller than himself…often showing the skill splitting out wide effectively covering opposing TE’s in some defensive schemes
  • He displays above average instincts finding the ball both in the pass & run game
  • He excels best at this point in his playing career making a path to the QB…with a quick first step which allows him to get on top of blockers…and keeping them on their heels
  • He even shows the versatility and skill set to occasionally jump inside the hashes and make things happen
  • His athleticism is on display frequently avoiding blocks near his lower area
  • He is a relentless pursuer of the ball displaying good straight-line closing speed…and with the ability to run down plays laterally down the LOS
  • He can quickly redirect…with good reactionary movement to plays on the field for a player of his size
  • Who occasionally displays good effectiveness disrupting rush lanes jumping gaps and making plays





  • His splash plays deodorize a lack of overall effectiveness for a prospect projected where he is by most
  • He is not the DOMINATE edge rusher as advertised…projecting to the next level
  • Much of his pass rush success is due to speed and athleticism…than good technique & hand placement…causing red flags which will be exposed at the next level
  • Not the most effective run defender…especially when directly ran at
  • Too often he will take himself out of run plays…looping outside in pass rush mode and leaving rush lanes open inside him
  • At times…loses tackle location of ball carriers running his direction





1st Round (Top 10)





1st Round (Top 10 — 20)





  • Not so sure Chubb will prove to be a dominant pass rushing 3-4/DE…and adding in his lack of inconsistent play defending the run drops his value…
  • But the rest of his game is so well balanced that he warrants a generous projection from me.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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