Braxton Miller

#01 Braxton Miller


POSITION: Wide Receiver (WR)

SCHOOL: Ohio State

HEIGHT:  6-1    

WEIGHT:  201

40 Time:  4.50


  • The majority of this prospect’s collegiate career came from the QB position…who was a highly effective & decorated QB for the collegiate level…who switched to the WR position entering his senior season…and whose skills dictate the WR position his best long term position at the NFL level
  • He possesses a good sturdy athletic build to his frame…ideal for the next level as a slot WR making his living between the hashes & within high traffic areas
  • When you add in his competitive nature…skill sets…and the physicality in which he plays with…once again his ideal position at the next level would be at slot receiver…where he could best utilize the above attributes…and more
  • He is most effective pass catching in the short to intermediate pass routes…where he can then turn upfield and make things happen
  • After the catch is where he is most dangerous…his quickness…and occasional ability to keep defenders off balance for additional yardage
  • He has shown the ability to make the big play with the ball in his hands throughout his collegiate career
  • With the type of slot receiver skills he brings to the field…he would project as a potential outstanding PR at the next level…this area of his game can only enhance his draft stock




  • Though he is a very talented athlete…will he be able to make the successful transition to the WR position at the NFL level…considering his limited reps as a WR at the collegiate level?
  • He seems to be more concerned with dazzling the fans in the stands…instead of quickly transitioning upfield north & south…than the unnecessary moves he attempts versus defenders
  • After the catch he is more powerful than graceful in his movement…and though somewhat elusive after the catch….he possesses limited movement (stiff) eluding defenders consistently in space
  • Lacks ideal lateral & quick twitch movement looked for… limiting his ability avoiding defenders…YAC after catch…and ability to consistently find the hidden yardage
  • His movement looks predictable & not as instinctive as liked…he plants too long (when making moves) making his ability to simultaneously move forward while making moves less than desired…allowing defenders to close & limit his YAC
  • His effectiveness drops off once he has to make things happen with the ball in his hands from a stop & go position…just seems to lack the consistent short area…and stop & go instant burst needed to be consistently successful as anything other than a slot receiver at the NFL level
  • His overstated false step moves….and hesitated side to side movement causes him to work way too hard for each & every yard
  • When running in tight areas he seems to have difficulty finding hidden yardage…leaving yardage on the table…many times losing his feet in attempts to avoid defenders
  • When attempting to stretch out on downfield balls…his body language yells out a lack of flexibility & stiffness to his movement…which once again limits him to the slot position…not capable of being an outside the hashes downfield complete threat
  • Once in open space he lacks the top end game speed as advertised…and another example why he will be limited to slot receiver at the NFL level




3rd Round – 4th Round





4th Round (Mid)





  • Miller is a talented athlete…but the question is will he be able to make the necessary adjustments needed at the NFL level…that should have been made during his collegiate career?


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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