Derwin James

#03 Derwin James


POSITION: Strong Safety (SS)

SCHOOL: Florida State

HEIGHT:  6-3    

WEIGHT:  211

40 Time:  0.00


  • He possesses the ideal size looked for from the position transitioning to the next level
  • He plays the game with a physical, attacking style when pursuing the ball…with good outward enthusiasm and passion for the game





  • He is limited as an in the box SS…since he lacks cover skills for the next level
  • Where are the impact & game changing plays he was touted for through the course of games?
  • After diagnosing plays…too often he takes too long to get to his strike point
  • Not effective shedding blockers quickly enough on path to ball
  • Needs to improve in pursuit angles…the pursuit angles he took at the collegiate level won’t be effective taking in his speed translating to the next level
  • Struggles in quick change of direction when pursuing the ball
  • Where is his short area closing speed when pursuing ball carriers?
  • He was tabbed as a thumping tackler…but too often after initial contact ball carriers gain positive yardage
  • He displays poor tackling skills…rarely squaring up on ball carriers stopping their momentum and driving them backwards
  • He is below average when grading him on open field tackling
  • Transitioning to the NFL level he will possess limited solo & TFLs upside & skill
  • He will be a MAJOR liability defending the pass at the next level





1st Round (Top 15)





Off My Board



  • After evaluating James he just doesn’t live up to the hype! He is a one-dimensional player as ONLY an in the box SS. In which he grades out poorly at! And also considerably drops his draft value in my eyes
  • When a NFL team draft’s James…as long as their expectations are within reason…they will find out at best he is a lower level starter who team’s will consistently look to replace.
  • He is off my board do to a way too high inflated draft projection. If he is selected anywhere near his projection…this will turn out to be horrible value for some NFL team!!!!!!!!!


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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