Eric Ebron

#85 Eric Ebron


POSITION:  Tight End (TE)

SCHOOL:  North Carolina


WEIGHT:  250

40 Time:  4.60


  • He is a bonafide playmaker from the tight end position at the collegiate level…he is more in line of the new wave of pass catching TE’s that have come into the league of late
  • He is too large and physical for the majority of defensive backs to handle…and too quick and athletic for the majority of linebackers projecting to the next level to deal with on a consistent basis…which makes him a match-up nightmare
  • His first step burst…and ability to quickly redirect in and out of routes…allows him to gain and maintain separation consistently throughout routes
  • He possesses a natural feel for pass catching nuances that gain him advantages over defenders before and after the catch…he was born to make plays
  • He displays good concentration…ability to catch balls routinely outside-the-box…and frequently displays that concentration on downfield passes maintaining good balance…and location of balls…rare for someone his size downfield
  • He is a natural hands catcher…who can consistently catch balls away from his body…and who doesn’t leave many balls uncaught thrown his direction…along with displaying the willingness to take on oncoming defenders hits to bring in catches…making it that much more difficult for defenders to defend this weapon
  • After the catch he possesses the quick short area burst…frequently allowing instant separation versus defenders…his quick transition time from catch to getting upfield shows his aggressive immediacy for getting upfield…gaining valuable yardage after the catch
  • The one area of his game that is undervalued is his mental toughness taking on oncoming defenders contact to secure catches…and his ability to consistently gain positive yardage after first contact
  • When he receives the ball on the move is when he is able to display his array of skills…when in stride he is a glider…seemingly able to consistently gain large amounts of yardage after catch…then possessing enough speed to take it to the house in some cases





  • Though he is a good athlete…not a upper echelon or superior type of athlete…which slightly drops his value
  • He doesn’t excel as inline blocker who can consistently move defenders off the LOS…though when your drafting a playmaker of his kind…you know that going in






1st Round






1st Round (25 and Down)






  • He is the type of talent from the TE position that can come in and immediately help any teams passing game.
  • There is no question what he can do as far as a pass catching weapon


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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