Isaiah Lewis

#09 Isaiah Lewis


POSITION:  Strong Safety (SS)

SCHOOL:  Michigan State

HEIGHT:  5-10   

WEIGHT:  211

40 Time:  4.60


  • He possesses an athletic build to his frame with room for additional weight…with the enthusiasm & passion for the game…and he embraces contact and a physical style of play…also what I call the “Piranha Gene”
  • He has a mentality of getting in on each and every play…who goes all out on each and every play as though it could be his last…a real ball hawk
  • He consistently looks to initiate first contact to opponents of any size…only way he knows how to ball out…willing to take on ball carriers/ blockers much larger than he to make plays…and who effectively sheds blockers quickly on his way to ball
  • He provides a fearless physical mentality supporting the run…who is an effective tackler in space & adjusting to runners with movement…and who is an excellent finisher on tackles
  • He possesses good reactionary skills…field awareness…natural instincts defending the pass at his position…and even though he may not possess ideal speed at the position he consistently covers ground and is always around for the big play
  • He takes excellent angles to the ball off-setting his slower 40 time…possessing excellent timing…frequently arriving at the same time as ball breaking up passes…which is an innate ability either you have or you don’t
  • He is a tireless pursuer to the football…with excellent on ball skills defending the pass in tight one on one situations…rare to find a SS with these skills in one package…instantly elevates his draft value





  • Questionable pass defense skills by some due to less than ideal 40 time
  • Could be more consistent wrapping up on opponents instead of relying on collision hits to necessarily bring down ball carriers consistently
  • Lacks the combine measurables most look for






7th Round






5th Round (Late)






  • Lewis is the ideal non-combine type athlete who out performs his physical numbers. What’s most important he is a BALLA.
  • BALLA’s consistently defy the odds…possessing something more than can be measured physically…and ONLY by the trained eye.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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