Jalen Ramsey

#08 Jalen Ramsey


POSITION: Cornerback (CB)

SCHOOL: Florida State

HEIGHT:  6-1    

WEIGHT:  209

40 Time:  4.41


  • Ramsey is a highly touted prospect entering the 2015 NFL Draft…who has been projected at both the CB & FS positions…though his skills dictate his best long term position projection at the Free Safety spot
  • He is a no question combine freakish talent entering the NFL…possessing excellent short area explosion versus opponents
  • He quickly read & reacts to plays on the field…which even supports his projected move to FS at the NFL level…where he could better utilize these skills in a more spread out area at FS




  • Where are the “Impact Plays” throughout the course of games his talents suggests?
  • His athleticism demonstrated at the combine…and the necessary skills required for the position at the NFL level don’t live up to his press clippings at the CB position projecting to the next level
  • He needs to display more tenacity and intensity fighting through perimeter blocks on a path to the ball
  • Needs to become more sure tackler…along with taking improved angles to the ball in short areas from the CB position…putting his football IQ in question
  • Too often he lunges on tackles which considerably drops his tackling effectiveness
  • Versus larger ball carriers…or ball carriers with considerable momentum he tends to avoid initiating first contact…which is a major red flag moving forward to the next level
  • Questionable effective extended downfield coverage at CB…too often on downfield passes he loses flight of the ball & simultaneously keeping track defending opponents…major flaws moving forward to the next level
  • When he needs to make up extended ground he frequently seems to lack the long area recovery speed his timed 40 suggest
  • He lacks the consistent hands at the position to be considered a COMPLETE game changer at the position




1st Round (Top 5)





1st Round (Late)





  • Ramsey has all the physical skills looked for from the position…however the instincts and football IQ required for the position at the next level…are highly in question for me. Hence his drop in the 1st Round on my value board.

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