James Wilder Jr.

#32 James Wilder Jr.


POSITION:  Fullback (FB)

SCHOOL:  Florida State

HEIGHT:  6-3   

WEIGHT:  232

40 Time:  4.70


  • He has played the RB position the majority of his collegiate career but projecting to the next level with additional weight FB would be his best long term position
  • He could be a weapon to deal with as a primary blocker first…along with added value with the running skills he brings to the position as a former RB
  • He is a physically gifted and well-conditioned athlete who looks the part projecting to the NFL level
  • Have to like his consistent internal drive and all-out effort on an every down basis…who is a relentless runner who takes each carry as though it could be his last…and seems to never be satisfied…feeling he may have left yards on the field and could improve on each and every carry
  • He displays surprisingly good balance despite an upright running style…making him harder to bring down than may be assumed
  • As a runner he consistently gets what’s there and occasionally more…possessing a good and sudden one step-cut for a runner of his size…and utilizing an effective stiff arm keeping defenders at a distance all the while gaining additional yardage
  • He is physically equipped to withstand the punishment as a primary runner between the hashes…who will excel at the next level exclusively between the tackles
  • He is a violent runner in that he commits to his cut and goes all out into the hole…with effective fluid hips in tight areas…consistently avoiding and keeping defenders off balance…then consistently gaining yards after contact and frequently ending runs leaning forward
  • He possesses a reliable pair of hands out of the backfield…who after the catch provides quick transition time from catch to getting upfield
  • Though he may lack ideal technique as a blocker…he shows the willingness and effort looked for transitioning to the FB position





  • His lack of speed to consistently hit the corners…upright running style…high hipped torso limiting his fluidity and change of direction…inability to deliver instant burst from a stop & go situation…and need to frequently gear down to make cuts all contribute to his position move from RB to FB transitioning to the NFL level
  • What’s his willingness to make transition from RB to FB?
  • He will need additional weight gain in leg area…which will add to his effectiveness as a full-time FB
  • Needs to improve lower pad level as runner and blocker…which will enhance his balance & leverage advantage over opponents…and better utilize his size advantage
  • Has to become more effective in short yardage & goal line situations…improved pad level and additional weight would accomplish this area of his game
  • He needs improved leg drive moving the pile and pushing defenders back more consistently on initial contact…this would allow him to play up to his size
  • Once his pads are turned sideways his effectiveness drops considerably taking away from his power…and why he needs to be utilized as a straight-line runner between the hashes…playing to his strengths





Undrafted Free Agent


6th Round (Mid)





  • With the physical mentality he brings to the field…along with additional weight to his frame…it is not inconceivable to envision him emerging as one of the premiere FBs at the NFL level one day.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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