Jarran Reed

#90 Jarran Reed


POSITION:  Defensive Tackle (DT)

SCHOOL:  Alabama

HEIGHT:  6-3   

WEIGHT:  307

40 Time:  5.21


  • He possesses a massive body frame ideal for DT at the next level
  • He possesses decent speed as a straight-line runner





  • Projecting to the next level he is limited as a 4-3/DT only…with limited athleticism…and lack of consistent intensity needed to be considered a high level performer at next level (NG out of the question at the next level)
  • Too often he is single blocked by one blocker at the collegiate level…major red flag
  • Not the most effective lateral movement…with a stiff & robotic movement along the field
  • Too often he is high out of his stance…giving up leverage & balance to opposing blockers…which will become more exposed at next level
  • Lacks meaningful penetration after initial contact…needing major improved hand technique…and often relying on pure strength at the collegiate level
  • Displays a small tackling radius…due to his lack of overall athleticism & movement
  • Limited effectiveness pursuing the ball outside the interior area of the field
  • Providing limited to no pass rush push versus run or collapsing pocket defending the pass






1st Round (Top 20)






Off My Board





  • Plain and simple Reed has an over inflated draft rating. Too high of a projection for me to consider him any where on my draft board


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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