J.K. Dobbins

#02 J.K. Dobbins


POSITION: Running Back (RB)

SCHOOL: Ohio State

HEIGHT:  5-10    

WEIGHT:  210

40 Time:  0.00


  • Welcome to the J.K. Dobbins world of running…if you have yet to view the video provided with this profile…immediately stop reading this profile…and click on the video NOW!…then come back and finish the rest of this profile
  • He is the most unique runner evaluated since “Ezekiel Elliot”…his running style is similar to former NFL/HOF/RB “Marshall Faulk”
  • His ability to play small when needed….and instantly transition into a punishing runner…is very rare
  • His vision seems to be two steps ahead of most at his position…add in his insane ankle flexion…quick feet…and body adjustment allows him to find daylight few can
  • His combination of balance & strength makes him beyond difficult to knock off his feet…often times resulting in additional yardage
  • His jump step…cutback ability..body flexibility & adjustment…and effective spin move within tight areas are unique onto his own in one package!
  • The ability to stick his foot down and immediately redirect at full speed…is something not witnessed BEFORE!
  • He displays the ability to CONSISTENTLY break opponents arm tackles on his way to additional yardage…and when it calls for it he displays the full body power to run through defenders in short yardage & goal line situations
  • He also utilizes a strong stiff arm keeping defenders at a distance…again allowing him additional yardage
  • His first step explosion and quick regeneration to full speed is insane!…and then possessing the long speed to take it the distance on any touch!
  • He is the NEW bread of RB entering the league after his collegiate days are over in the near future





  • Further evaluation needed in this area of his game
















  • He makes the game look so easy…because he is simply the “Picasso” of running backs at the collegiate ranks…making him a RB prodigy!
  • With him as only a TRUE freshman the sky is the limit for this collegiate…there is no ceiling or limits to what he could accomplish!
  • Projecting into the future (with non-injury) can vision him as an All-American…Heisman candidate…and eventual Top 10 overall selection!
  • He is truly a generational running back talent!

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