Josh Doctson

#09 Josh Doctson


POSITION: Wide Receiver (WR)


HEIGHT:  6-2    

WEIGHT:  202

40 Time:  4.50


  • He possesses a good build with room for growth moving forward to the NFL…and with a confident body language to have the ball come his direction when his team needs a big play
  • He displays excellent short area movement & feet…which allows him to consistently gain short area separation versus defenders
  • He displays good concentration & focus…along with the eye/hand coordination tracking balls looked for
  • He displays a wide catching radius as a pure hands catcher…frequently showing the skill to catch balls away from his body
  • His willingness to catch balls in traffic…and ability to consistently catch balls with defenders applying tight coverage makes him the consummate chains mover
  • There can’t be enough emphasis put on a WR like himself who CONSISTENTLY catches balls thrown his direction…which is a big deal moving forward to the NFL level





  • His build & body maturity is not where it needs to be….needs more physical maturity & additional weight to his frame as a finished product…which can cause durability concerns
  • His overall athleticism is in question…especially for where he is projected to be selected
  • When it comes to threatening defenses down the field on deep balls he looks challenged to do so on a consistent basis projecting him to the NFL level
  • Lacks the physical strength & overall athleticism needed at the NFL level to consistently gain substantial yards after contact…and why here he is projected as #2/WR at NFL level
  • Unless he catches balls on the move he doesn’t display the ability for the big play needed on short passes…and turning them into big chunk yardage gains




1st Round (Top25)





2nd Round (Mid)





  • Though there is a place for Doctson as a starter in league…teams need to be realistic on his ceiling of play and not get caught up with his press clippings coming out of the collegiate ranks.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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