Mackensie Alexander

#02 Mackensie Alexander


POSITION:  Cornerback (CB)

SCHOOL:  Clemson

HEIGHT:  5-10   

WEIGHT:  190

40 Time:  4.47


  • He displays good athleticism…with a thin athletic frame to his build





  • He is more athlete than football player
  • His on field physicality is in question
  • Where is his eagerness to mix it up on the physicality end of things?
  • He is allergic to contact which is never a good thing….MAJOR RED FLAG
  • Where are the impact…game changing plays?
  • Where is his catch-up speed needed when making plays on ball?
  • Needs more strength to his on field game…too often gets pushed around
  • Needs to become more effective making his way through blockers/ traffic
  • He lacks desire to aggressively initiate first contact to ball carriers
  • He is not the most efficient or physical tackler…more of a technician who frequently aims low than head on…which would slow ball carriers momentum
  • He is not the most efficient tackler in space…especially considering he is an undersized CB
  • He lacks skills as a potential dominant on ball pass defender…lacking good field awareness…resulting in frequent collegiate passers throwing his direction






1st Round — 2nd Round






Off My Board





  • To be blunt…Alexander is HIGHLY overrated for where he is projected to go in this years draft…and why he is off my draft board.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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