Michael Thomas

#03 Michael Thomas


POSITION: Wide Receiver (WR)

SCHOOL: Ohio State

HEIGHT:  6-3    

WEIGHT:  212

40 Time:  4.57


  • He possesses the ideal angular athletic body frame…with his size…natural athleticism…and leaping ability make him an instant redzone threat the first day he steps foot on a NFL field
  • His game is tailored and ideal for the next level…as a Plug-N-Play performer
  • He possesses such upside to the future…considering during his collegiate career much of his talents weren’t exploited with the type of offense he played within…where the passing game wasn’t emphasized…therefore many of skills weren’t refined
  • He displays such natural instincts & football IQ for the game…and then plays up to his size utilizing his size effectively to his advantage
  • Throughout the game he displays no hesitation providing or taking on oncoming contact from defenders…with such good field awareness on sideline…and known down & distance situations
  • He displays such short area quickness with first step from a stop and go position…then add in his length & stride…this places defenders at a major disadvantage
  • What power & quickness he generates in such a small area…this is so important for WR of his size for being successful at the next level
  • He displays no problem getting off the LOS versus most defenders…frequently getting on top of defenders so quickly off the LOS even with defenders playing off
  • He is an excellent route runner…a polished NFL route runner at the collegiate level…with good body control in and out of routes…especially for a WR his size
  • Possessing such suddenness in quick change of direction in his routes…consistently breaking defenders ankles
  • He shows such aggressiveness going after balls thrown his direction…with the mindset only he will come away with the ball
  • He excels on balls thrown his direction where there’s tight contested defense applied…frequently coming down with the ball…or making it virtually impossible for defenders to come away with the turnover
  • He displays the ability to consistently catch targets outside the normal catching radius…with the ability to contort & adjust his body making the uncatchable possible
  • After the catch he displays a quick immediate transition getting upfield north & south…gaining that all important YAC
  • With the ball in his hands he is a handful to deal with…with his physique & natural physical nature…he is a prototype intermediate to short yardage go to target
  • He consistently gains yardage after contact…displaying the willingness to take on oncoming contact to make it happen on passes thrown his direction
  • He displays no difficulty making plays within traffic…or shying away…hesitating from oncoming contact to make the catch
  • He displays such strength in his arms…many times unleashing a lethal stiff arm versus defenders…allowing him to consistently gain additional yardage
  • Once he breaks into the open this long strider rarely gives up separation on defenders…many times maintaining or extending separation
  • He displays such good ball recognition on downfield targets…with his size and natural body control makes him hard to defend in one on one situations
  • He displays such good team first traits with his willingness to consistently run block…even during games where his targets in the passing game are limited




  • His thin frame can use additional weight & strength
  • Somewhat concerned with his lack of quick twitch movement when needed to avoid defenders in confined areas…which cuts down on his potential YAC
  • Need to become more physical running routes between the hashes…throughout his route and after the catch
  • He needs improved field awareness when it comes to protecting his large framed build versus defenders…and limit oncoming contact




2nd Round (Mid)





2nd Round (Mid)





  • His lack of targets throughout his collegiate career have drastically stymied his development moving forward to the NFL level
  • He will need grooming in the intricate detailed areas of his game…that only comes with game repetitions…because the rare raw overall athletic talent is there!


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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