Orlando Brown

#78 Orlando Brown


POSITION: Offensive Guard (OG)

SCHOOL: Oklahoma

HEIGHT:  6-8    

WEIGHT:  360

40 Time:  0.00


  • He has played the LT position the majority of his collegiate career…but his skill sets dictate the move inside to OG for his BEST chance of success…where his exposure in space is limited…and he can better utilize his size & physicality
  • He possesses prototype size…and who will excel in a run oriented offense transitioning to the next level
  • He uses his length of arms to his advantage at times
  • He possesses better than average lateral footwork for a blocker of his size





  • Does he possess the proper mindset to successfully convert to new OG position?
  • Lacks the overall quickness athleticism to be considered LT material
  • Lacks consistent functional strength his size would indicate
  • Too often maintains high stance off snap….making him vulnerable & susceptible to defenders with poor balance & leverage
  • At times distracted concerning himself with location of ball…than sustaining blocks
  • Lacks the overall skill to handle high caliber quick edge rushers on a consistent basis
  • Has difficult time sustaining blocks in space due to poor hand technique…balance…and leverage
  • Not the most effective pulling OLman in space leading on blocks
  • Possesses poor & slow setup in pass protection
  • Could use improved conditioning





1st Round – 2nd Round





Off My Board





  • With Brown’s draft projection…I look at him as more of a project…whose overall technique needs to be VASTLY refined!
  • His questioned technique…along with suggested position change…lowers his draft value dramatically in my eyes…and why he is off my board.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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