Drew Sanders

Drew Sanders #42


  • With additional weight he might be best suited at strongside OLB. Where he excels best in space, and not continuously taking on multiple blockers. Then on passing downs, he would be able to display his versatility as a pretty effective pass rusher.
  • Sanders possesses a lean athletic build to his frame. With room for additional weight gain that can be added to his frame.
  • Shows better than-average functional athleticism whenever performing on the field.
  • He plays with an attacking style in pursuit of the ball. With a high motor looking to make his way from sideline to sideline.
  • Displays above-average ability anticipating plays pre-snap, and as plays are developing.
  • As a tackler he is more than solid. Often wrapping up and securing tackles.
  • He shows good upside rushing the passer of the edge. Flashing the ability to bend and dip versus opposing blockers.


  • Additional weight would take his game to another level. Assisting him in shedding blockers quicker, and allowing him to become more effective versus larger blockers.
  • Lacks the quick-twitch athleticism needed to be considered an impact performer at this stage in his career. His lack of quick-twitch takes him out of numerous routine, and impact plays.
  • Like to see him shed blockers quicker. He gets caught up on blockers way too often. Often his legs go dead or get redirected on initial contact from blockers.
  • Lacks ELITE long speed. Which drops his effectiveness, and draft status.
  • Sometimes in his eagerness to get to the ball, he will overrun plays and take himself out of the play.
  • Like to see him deliver more of a thump on initial contact with ball carriers. Slowing more of their momentum on contact.
  • Needs to become more of an effective tackler in space. His lack of quick-twitch may come into play here.
  • Too frequently he is upright when rushing the passer. Making it much easier for opposing blockers to get into his body, and cutting down his effectiveness getting to the QB.


2nd Round (Late)


3rd Round (Mid)


  • With Sanders’s lack of snaps at the collegiate level, there are still areas of his game that he is deficient in. He is more of a work in progress heading into the NFL. Most of the athletic traits are there, but his lack of repetitive snaps at the collegiate level has slowed his developmental progress as a player.
  • Sanders is the type of player who may not come right in and start for an NFL team, but should at least be a high-snap rotational player in his first NFL season.

Profile by: (Ken Becks aka TheScoout) 


Draft Class

JR/ 2023



Height/ Weight

6-4/ 235


Outside Linebacker

40 Time


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