Kool-Aid McKinstry


Kool-Aid McKinstry

Kool-Aid McKinstry #01


  • McKinstry possesses a solid sturdy build to his frame which projects positively to the next level.
  • He displays good football IQ with knowledge of his strengths and weaknesses. Then utilizing his football IQ to minimize his deficiencies by making the proper adjustments to his game.
  • He displays good versatility and fluid movement when used as a move corner versus opposing teams best receiving threats.
  • His film study off the field becomes evident on the field when he flashes pre-snap recognition of plays, and making plays on the ball.
  • He presents good field awareness of his surroundings when utilizing the sidelines to his advantage when defending the pass.
  • He is very competitive and doesn’t shy away from mixing it up on contested passes versus opponents. He is very instinctive at reading opponents body language, along with possessing exceptional reactionary skills which allow him to consistently defend before and after balls arrive in his area.
  • McKinstry exhibits good change of direction by displaying the ability to quickly turn in a 360 degree turn when in pursuit of the ball.
  • He shows solid tackling skills when inspired to do so in this area of his game.
  • When opportunities present themselves he displays excellent opportunistic ball skills bringing in pass intended for targets and turning those in to turnovers (TO’s)
  • When deployed as a blitzer he displays good instincts making his way through traffic and taking proper angles to his target.
  • As a punt returner, there is nothing significant that stands out about this area of his game, but it speaks to the confidence the coaching staff in his decision making and his skillsets.


  • He lacks the high-end athleticism needed to be considered a shutdown cornerback (CB) projecting to the next level. Which shows up when needing to make up ground when initially beat on plays, and possessing the outright speed on tape to maintain his speed versus elite targets downfield.
  • Too often he appears lackadaisical with his level of play through his body language from snap to whistle.
  • For his caliber of skill, he is initially beaten too often early in routes versus opponents, which will be magnified projecting to the next level.
  • At times he can be out muscled for position versus larger targets.
  • He needs to improve breaking down quicker in space on tackles versus opponents.
  • He won’t make a name for himself at the next level as more of a finesse tackler who tends to shy away from contact.


1st Round (Top 10)


1st Round (Late)


  • Last Update (07-06-2023)
  • If McKinstry maintains his current level of play he projects as a low end CB1 or high end CB2 at the next level.

Profile by: (Ken Becks aka TheScoout) 


Draft Class

JR/ 2025



Height/ Weight

6-1/ 195



40 Time


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