Kyle Hamilton

Kyle Hamilton #14


  • He possesses OUTSTANDING size for the position…with an angular & athletic build to his frame…which can easily take on additional weight if needed
  • He displays QUICK change of direction skill in pursuit of the ball
  • He covers a large area of the field from sideline to sideline…which can be contributed to his excellent long speed
  • When isolated in space versus ball carriers in one on one situations…he shows his effectiveness…quickly closing and making plays on the ball
  • His coaching staff showed a confidence in his abilities…allowing him to come off the edges in blitz packages…and go make plays!
  • He also has an instinctive knack for timing & deflecting passes…either defending the pass…or when sent in to blitz on plays
  • When there are potential TO’s to be made defending the pass…he displays WR like skills fluidly bringing in TO’s


  • Where are the natural instincts & field awareness for the game?…could this be the reasoning for him not coming close to reaching the potential his talents dictate?
  • There are times throughout the game where you forget he’s on the field…a lack of presence?
  • Needs to become more effective making his way though traffic to the ball
  • Not the most aggressive initiating first contact with opponents…and where is the physicality & POP on contact?


1st Round (Top 10)


3rd Round


  • Hamilton definitely displays athletic SPLASH plays…but his actual play on the field doesn’t measure up…hopefully sooner than later his development as a player will match his high level of potential
  • The deficiencies in his game…currently makes him a developmental player with upside…and reasoning for his lower than expected draft value

Profile by: (Ken Becks aka TheScoout) 


Draft Class

JR/ 2022


Notre Dame

Height/ Weight

6-4/ 220


Free Safety

40 Time


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Athleticism (functional)
Agility & Change Of Direction
Short Area Explosion
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