Marquis Haynes

Marquis Haynes #38


  • Though he is listed at DE at the collegiate level…he really plays more as a stand-up undersized rush DE or movement OLB…he is projected at ILB moving forward to the next level
  • He is more effective playing away from the LOS…where he can better utilize and take advantage of his athleticism
  • He does at times flash occasional big play capability
  • In pass rush situations he displays good anticipation off the snap…with above average balance & leverage versus blockers…and decent (though inconsistent) push upfield as undersized rush end
  • In pass rush mode he is best utilized split wide with his hand in the dirt…this provides him the option of attacking from the outside or inside on much larger and less mobile blockers left on an island
  • He displays good short area closing speed…with the ability to run down plays from the backside…and down the LOS


  • He tends to lose track of the football (lack of field awareness)…and where is his nose for the football?
  • Where is his suddenness for the game…he seems to be playing at 75% effort!
  • He is often taken out of plays with a single blocker…where his lack of tenacity & weight at the POA become an issue in this part of his game
  • Where is the straight-line speed needed to be an impact player at the next level?
  • As a pass rusher he needs improved hand technique…quicker disengagement from blockers…add change of direction while engaging with blockers…lacks counter moves to maintain forward progress toward the QB…and once his progress is stopped too often his legs go dead
  • Evaluating from the OLB position…his overall effectiveness lowers when isolated in space…he looks lost and out of place…and in coverage or versus ball carriers in space…he is just ineffective
  • His pursuit of the ball leaves something to be desired…often times staying on his side of the hash…and he just doesn’t seem to provide optimum pursuit!!


4th Round — 5th Round


Off My Board


  • After evaluation it became clear that Haynes would not become a dominant pass rusher off the edge…and he lacks the ideal (on field) FUNCTIONAL overall athleticism to be a COMPLETE starting OLB.
  • After default, his best projected position moving forward should be at ILB. At least there he could generate a decent pass rush from a shorter distance. Though he lacks the field awareness & initial contact expected, hopefully he will make that up with above average speed & quickness at ILB.
  • There were far too many weaknesses to overlook in Haynes’s evaluation, and my reasoning for taking him off my draft board.

Profile by: (Ken Becks aka TheScoout) 


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