Quenton Nelson

#56 Quenton Nelson


POSITION: Offensive Center (OC)

SCHOOL: Notre Dame

HEIGHT:  6-5    

WEIGHT:  329

40 Time:  0.00


  • The majority of his collegiate career was performed at the OG position…but his skill set dictates the move to OC for his best chance of success at the next level
  • He possesses massive prototype size at OC transitioning to the next level
  • He excels in tight areas where space is limited…even more reason for the suggested position move to OC
  • He displays strong upper body strength…and once gets on top of opponents he can be a handful to deal with
  • Really impressed with his competitive grit battling with opposing defenders inside the trenches
  • He does not shy away from contact…displaying a mean streak…and nasty disposition in his play from time to time…ideal for mixing it up inside the hashes at OC
  • His stature…temperament for the game…and style of play reminds me of former NFL/ OLman “Kevin Gogan“…who was known for mixing it up with others on a consistent basis





  • He is not the most fluid of athlete’s…along with lacking ideal agile quick feet
  • He possesses a small blocking radius due to limited overall athleticism
  • Improved conditioning & hand technique would take his game to another level
  • At times lunge blocks due to lack of question athleticism & under developed hand technique
  • Tends to lean on opponents with lethargic movement…instead of utilizing active feet and good hand technique during plays
  • Does not display the best reactionary motor skill while plays are developing
  • Due to overall balance & hand technique issues…has difficulty consistently sustaining blocks
  • With his lack of consistent quickness off the snap…at times can be over powered on initial contact at POA
  • His effectiveness drops considerably the more he is exposed in space
  • When asked to pull as lead blocker…he grades out average at best





1st Round (Top 10)





1st Round (22 & Down)





  • When you look into the position move suggested…(which OC is valued lower than OG in most cases)…his limited mobility & blocking radius displayed…is the reasoning for his lowered value in my eyes.
  • Despite his weaknesses expressed above…if you keep his skill set in perspective…I feel he can be an outstanding OC for a prodiminant physical run oriented offensive attack…and worthy of his rating by myself.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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