Ricardo Louis

#05 Ricardo Louis


POSITION: Wide Receiver (WR)

SCHOOL: Auburn

HEIGHT:  6-2    

WEIGHT:  215

40 Time:  4.43


  • He possesses ideal size & speed combo to his frame as a downfield threat…or redzone target transitioning to the next level …along with a strong & sturdy build to match
  • He possesses better hands than assumed before detailed evaluation of his play…with the ability to catch balls away from his body…along with the body adjustment to balls thrown outside the normal catching radius for most
  • After the catch he displays an excellent combination of first steep acceleration & short area burst…along with the physicality looked for versus opponents throughout games




  • Low production throughout collegiate career
  • After the catch…he is limited as more of a straight-line runner with limited lateral movement…limiting him as a well-rounded YAC threat




7th Round (Late)





5th Round (Late)





  • Louis was somewhat of a difficult evaluation…since during his most opportunistic chances for success as a collegiate WR…the overall QB play for his alma mater was not the most scintillating
  • He definitely possesses the ideal upside looked for from an outside the hashes…stretch the defense type of downfield WR transitioning to the NFL level
  • After taking in his game film…I’m personally more high on what this prospect can become in the short term than most


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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