Roquan Smith

#03 Roquan Smith


POSITION: Inside Linebacker (ILB)

SCHOOL: Georgia

HEIGHT:  6-1    

WEIGHT:  225

40 Time:  0.00


  • He displays a hunger when making a path to ball…along with good instincts and football IQ
  • He displays good pre-snap anticipation of plays
  • He possesses quick reactionary skill as plays are developing
  • His quick flexible hips assist him in quick change of direction…and in his lateral movement





  • He lacks ideal size and athleticism looked for from position
  • Not the sure tackling thumping machine as advertised
  • In traffic tends to lose track locating ball carriers
  • Poor at shedding blockers with lack of size & hand technique
  • Lacks catch-up…and long area closing speed
  • Not the most effective tackler operating in space…has difficulty breaking down
  • Not the most effective blitzer lacking size…overall athleticism…and hand technique
  • He is a major liability in pass defense





1st Round (Top 10)





Off My Board





  • Smith has good anticipation and football IQ…but the problem is he is a tweener…meaning he is an undersized ILB who is an one trick poney…in that he is considered undersized for me…but lacks the overall athleticism to play in space or at OLB.
  • This limits his versatility and draft status for me…and why he is off my board. With a draft value as 2nd Round (Late) – 3rd Round….he is more of a solid prospect…than an impact player.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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