Saquon Barkley

#26 Saquon Barkley


POSITION: Running Back (RB)

SCHOOL: Penn State

HEIGHT:  6-0    

WEIGHT:  233

40 Time:  4.40


  • He possesses an ideal sturdy frame transitioning to the next level
  • He displays a good lateral jump cut…allowing him quick change of direction
  • He exhibits a strong lower body…possessing a good lean to his running style
  • He displays good hands out of the backfield…who was deployed as a flex WR during his collegiate career out of the backfield…which displays the confidence his coaching staff had in his hands & skill as a pass catcher
  • His running style reminds me of current NFL RB “LeSean McCoy
  • He displays the willingness…as a better than average pass pro blocker
  • He does provide added value as a prospect to NFL teams as a highly effective special teams returner transitioning from the collegiate level





  • He lacks the fluid athleticism (as pure runner) looked for from such a highly rated RB prospect IMO
  • For a highly publicized RB prospect…too often he displays inconsistent vision finding hidden yardage…not allowing him to maximize runs as a high tier prospect projecting to the next level
  • Further…he consistently has difficulty finding daylight in tight areas…has to be able to find hidden yardage consistently to be considered a top tier RB prospect projecting to next level
  • Often he takes too many side to side false steps looking for daylight…this will slow his effectiveness and progress as a runner at the next level
  • He doesn’t play up to his size…lacking ability to consistently push the pile…and lacking ability to keep his feet after contact…limiting YAC
  • At the next level he will have to adjust his running style as more of an inside the hashes…and north & south runner to maximize his success
  • Though he possesses good straight-line speed…he lacks a fluid stride…which will limit his explosion play potential at the next level
  • His effectiveness diminishes the wider he runs laterally avoiding defenders to the corners…and drops his overall effectiveness
  • His ability to avoid defenders consistently for additional yardage are to be questioned…as a limited hidden yardage producer projecting to the next level
  • When he breaks into the open he tends to lose his feet…leaving additional YAC on the field





1st Round (Top 5)





1st Round (20 and Down)





  • Though Barkley has the chance to be a productive RB at the next level…in no way can I envision him being a franchise type runner at the next level.
  • Barkley will not be able to rely on his speed as he did in college versus defenders for a number of explosion plays…he will then have to rely on his between the hashes running skills…game-film dictates he wont be able to consistently accomplish this at the next level
  •  Don’t let Barkley’s highlight reel plays distort one’s overall play by play performance on the field…when graded out in totality…Barkley just doesn’t measure up to his press clipping or draft projection.

Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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