Sean Davis

#21 Sean Davis


POSITION:  Cornerback (CB)

SCHOOL:  Maryland

HEIGHT:  6-1   

WEIGHT:  201

40 Time:  4.46


  • The majority of his collegiate career he played at CB…though he is preferred at safety projecting to the next level…for CB evaluation purposes we will continue
  • Really like the confidence he displays when performing in game action
  • He is a highly competitive competitor whenever competing versus opponents on the field…who steps his game up when the big moments call on him to
  • He is a decisive player who possesses the perfect blend of aggressiveness & physical demeanor…who looks to make plays
  • Like the fact that he shows the willingness to give up his body on plays for teammates to make plays on ball…unselfish nature…true team player!
  • He possesses an ideal sturdy and athletic build to his frame projecting to the next level…who plays much bigger than his size would indicate
  • He is very effective fighting through blockers with great tenacity on his way to making plays on the ball
  • He is frequently around the ball…who makes his way to the ball in an aggressive & physical manner…looking to initiate first contact with ball carriers
  • He displays good field awareness taking excellent angles to the ball…along with quick reactionary skills when adjusting to plays in real time
  • He displays a real eagerness & effectiveness supporting the run versus ball carriers of various sizes and talents
  • Once he makes contact with opponents it becomes very noticeable…frequently with ball carriers momentum coming to a quick stop on contact
  • Whenever he makes contact with opponents he displays excellent technique & tackling skills…as such a seasoned one on one tackler versus a wide variety of ball carriers
  • He displays tight pass coverage no matter the route tree or location of balls thrown his direction
  • Who displays good swiveled hips turning and defending the pass…and an excellent locator of the ball when defending the pass
  • Whenever there is a TO to be had he seems to always be around…with his excellent reactionary skills…field awareness…and ability to capitalize on
  • He is such an air patrol hawk whenever arrant passes are thrown his direction….displaying an excellent pair of hands that’ll likely have the ball going the other way
  • His ability to perform at CB…FS…and SS makes him a versatile performer at the next level…and increases his draft value





  • When evaluating him at CB he had limited snaps at the position during his collegiate career…he shows promise but will need refinement projecting to the next level…although at either safety position can be a plug and play performer as a rookie






2nd Round






3rd Round





  • Davis is one of the more underrated talents as the NFL Draft…some NFL team will net them a starting DB somewhere in their back4 sooner than later!
  • I did drop Davis’s draft value projecting as a CB…because it will take more development for him to play at a level needed…so the delayed success automatically drops a prospects value for me.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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