Todd Gurley

#03 Todd Gurley


POSITION: Running Back (RB)

SCHOOL:  Georgia

HEIGHT:  6-0     

WEIGHT:  226

40 Time:  DNP


  • He possess a good sturdy build to his frame that is ideal transitioning to the next level
  • He is an effective straight-line running lane runner
  • Once on the move he displays effectiveness gaining limited yards after contact



  • He may like the game…but doesn’t display the necessary intensity for the game
  • He is a limited skilled runner…with an upright running style…along with a stiffness to his movement
  • His effectiveness at the next level will be VERY disappointing with whomever selects him…with the thought that he will live up to expectations as a highly touted RB draft prospect
  • His running style…lack of instincts & field awareness…and eventual lack of success at the next level clearly reminds me of current NFL/RB “Trent Richardson
  • He possesses such limited vision beyond the LOS…you have to wonder how he ever was projected so high as a prospect coming out?
  • He lacks vision progression finding and anticipating yardage beyond where he is…then tends to quickly put his head down after initial hole closes…intern putting his head down bulling forward for limited yardage…limiting his capability for the big play versus opposing defenses…and dropping his draft value considerably
  • Once he acknowledges daylight…he lacks the instant burst needed to accelerate getting to the hole and making the big play
  • He has difficulty with sudden change of direction skill on the move avoiding plugged up initial holes…then the difficulty keeping his feet transitioning out of change of direction continuing runs…and rediscovering daylight or hidden yardage…which limits him as a straight-line runner…and limits his flexibility as a RB in multiple systems…once again limiting his draft value
  • He is limited to a one-cut and go RB…lacking the ability of making multiple cuts gaining daylight or keeping defenders off balance on his way to gaining additional yardage
  • When having to make moves out of stand and go situations…he has difficulty quickly regenerating to top speed…limiting his ability for the big play…and draft stock
  • Though he has been tabbed as a physical runner by most…he actually lacks the upper & lower body strength to take on and consistently defeat NFL defenders for additional yardage
  • With the lack of leg strength displayed on the field for his size…makes his effectiveness moving the pile…and converting on short yardage & goal-line attempts projecting to the NFL level…does not look favorable
  • Too often after last contact from defenders he lands sideways…not forward as majority of upper tier NFL RBs did during their collegiate then NFL careers…major red flag
  • He has difficulty consistently avoiding unnecessary contact from defenders due to a lack of overall agility keeping defenders off balance…which also indicates poor field awareness
  • The further he runs wide to the corners the more his effectiveness drops…lacking the needed stretch speed…instincts…and field awareness required…he will need to adapt his running style as primarily an exclusive between the tackles runner at the next level
  • Once he breaks into open space or the second level of defenses…not only does he look uncomfortable doing so…but he tends to look for contact than take it the distance…knowing he lacks the consistent skill to take it to the house…and reverting back to what he is more comfortable with…CONTACT…and once again limiting his ability for the big play & draft value
  • As an option out of the backfield in pass catching situations he lacks natural hands as a body catcher…letting the ball get into his body…and after the catch he displays slow transitional time making his way upfield…losing opportunity gaining valuable yardage
  • Normally there is not much emphasis on pass blocking skills for RB’s in my evaluations…more concentrating on their main skill as a runner…but in Gurley’s case…he frequently looked so lost in his pass blocking attempts it had to be noted…which could become a major red flag in him being on the field on known passinig situations…not only for lack of blocking skills…but as an ineffective pass catcher out of the backfield as well



1st Round (Top 15)




Off My Board





  • There is no question Gurley is a draftable RB prospect…but not where he is projected to go by most. He lacks the skill level to ever live up to where he is projected to be selected. Just bad value in 1stRD IMO. Therefore…he would be off my board
  • If I were to project his skill level it be more as 3rdRD – 4thRD value selection on my board.

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