Tremaine Edmunds

#49 Tremaine Edmunds


POSITION: Outside Linebacker (OLB)


HEIGHT:  6-4    

WEIGHT:  253

40 Time:  4.54


  • He generally played the ILB position during his collegiate career…but his skill set dictates the OLB position his best fit projecting forward
  • He is your classic read & react player…who excels best in space where he can utilize his athleticism…and run down plays along the field
  • He reminds me of current NFL/ LB “Vic Beasley” 2.0…he is the prospect I would have liked Beasley to be more like coming out of Clemson in 2015…Edmund’s possesses more natural instincts for the game than Beasley did…though Beasley displayed a bit more pass rush upside
  • Vic Beasley prospect profile in link
  • He displays a good instinct for locating and maintaining ball location whenever on the field of play
  • He displays the type of speed & athleticism to frequently defeat angles and make his way to ball as a sideline to sideline performer…along with utilizing his speed to shortens plays wide to his side…and then effectively funneling plays inside
  • He provides a sudden & aggressive attacking style of play to the field…which becomes infectious to others around him on that side of the ball
  • His FUNCTIONAL agility & athleticism for a player of his size ON THE FIELD is outstanding
  • He possesses outstanding active/ quick foot agility…excellent closing speed…along with excellent short & long area explosion allowing him quick change of direction making plays on ball carriers
  • He displays a healthy amount of hand violence fighting blockers at POA on his path to the ball
  • Once he squares up on ball carriers he drives through them on tackles…frequently stopping their momentum forward on initial contact
  • He displays excellent skill and instinct as a pass defender…his combination of athleticism…footwork…reactionary skills…and quick instinctive break on the ball make him a handful when throwing his direction





  • Lacks natural edge rusher skill from OLB position…not projected as high volume sack total performer at next level
  • Not consistent enough taking on blockers & DEFEATING them at POA… needs improved hand technique shedding blockers more effectively
  • Could use improved pursuit angles in pursuit of ball
  • Needs improvement making way through traffic…and tackling in space on ball carriers





1st Round (Top 10)





1st Round (12 & Down)





  • Though I feel Edmund’s possesses skills that can impact any game…his lack as a legit edge rusher from the OLB positions drops his value in my evaluation eye.
  • However…Edmund’s is a legit (Top 15) overall talent period!


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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