Corey Coleman

#01 Corey Coleman


POSITION: Wide Receiver (WR)

SCHOOL: Baylor

HEIGHT:  5-11    

WEIGHT:  185

40 Time:  4.37


  • He possesses the freakiest combination of explosiveness in one package viewed of the WR prospects coming out in this year’s draft
  • His quick feet…excellent first step burst & explosion… start & stop in and out of cuts…and devastating jump step allows him to consistently keep defenders off balance…then allowing him to consistently gain & maintain separation versus defenders
  • Once he hits the open area he possesses the speed to take it the distance at any time!





  • Since he lacks traditional size for a true #1/WR…whoever selects him will HAVE to know how to best utilize him other than just at WR to make his value worthy of where he’s being projected to be selected
  • Durability concerns due to lack of thickness in upper body…and lower leg area
  • Lacks the crispness in his route running…often times not running out routes when he knows ball isn’t coming his way
  • At times after the catch he makes too many unnecessary moves on defenders…instead of getting north & south…he won’t have that type of time at the next level
  • As an undersized WR known for his athleticism…with that being said he lacks the type of lateral movement & shiftiness to consistently avoid defenders at the next level for additional yardage
  • He displays hesitancy from oncoming defenders contact…before contact he tends to put his head downward right before contact
  • Not sure he possesses the type of physicality looked for transitioning forward…too often once he takes on solid contact his legs go dead…along with going down on limited contact…and where are the consistent extended plays after contact
  • Questionable catching radius & consistency catching balls thrown his direction…lacking the aggressiveness to consistency attack the ball
  • He tends to have difficulty holding on to balls that are closely contested by defenders…could use stronger hands…focus & concentration
  • Where are his instincts…field awareness…and football IQ when going up for balls downfield versus defenders?
  • Lacks good natural body adjustment…and ball awareness of knowing how to adjust his body versus defenders…especially downfield




1st Round (Top25)





2nd Round (Mid)





  • To get your maximum value with a prospect like Coleman…you’ll need to play him in multiple positions…special team’s returner to gain the necessary touches…because he will never make it as an outside WR at the next level.


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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