Myles Garrett

#15 Myles Garrett


POSITION: Defensive End (4-3/DE)


HEIGHT:  6-4    

WEIGHT:  268

40 Time:  4.57


  • His skill set dictates his best long term position as a 4-3/DE projecting to the NFL
  • He definitely looks the part whenever suited up on the field…with all of the athletic skills looked for from the position…who plays stronger than his size would indicate on INITIAL contact
  • He consistently gets a good jump off the snap…and normally initiates first contact…providing him the balance & leverage advantage over opposing blockers…and keeping them on their heels
  • He displays excellent change of direction & straight-line closing speed for a player of his size




  • He is mostly a one trick pony as a looping edge rusher from his DE position…who is more flash than a player of substance on an every down basis
  • He lacks the overall agility & ability to defend the run to ever be considered a viable option as a 3-4/DE
  • When deployed as rush OLB his effectiveness drops considerably
  • When maneuvering in space at OLB…he displays consistent difficulty with change of direction and lack of fluid hips…a major contribution to this is due to his high hipped build
  • After initial penetration is slowed his effectiveness tends to drop off considerably…his lack of effective hand technique may be a major contributor to this
  • When taking on multiple blockers…he tends to brace & anticipate contact…instead of delivering first initial contact…also tending to split blockers instead of taking on blockers head on at the POA…and too often singularly blocked in isolation by only the TE
  • He is consistently deficient holding up at the POA defending the run…making him a liability in this area of his game…especially when performing against top tier competition
  • Too often manhandled in one on one blocks defending the run…then resulting in him jumping gaps…and taking himself out of majority of plays
  • When defending the run wide or to the corner…too often he has an issue containing the corner…which is unacceptable considering his overall athleticism
  • His distraction with blockers often leads to his difficulty consistently locating the ball…which brings into question his natural instincts…football IQ…and awareness for the game
  • When in pursuit of ball…would like to see more effort after the ball when ball carrier is out of his initial area…tends to give up on plays




1st Round (Top5)





2nd Round (Mid) – 3rd Round





  • There is no question that Myles Garrett is an athletic marvel…worthy of central casting at the NFL combine. Unfortunately after evaluating him on an every down basis…it becomes crystal clear that he is more athlete than football player. In due time it will become apparent that he will never live up to his high draft projection.

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