Jadeveon Clowney

#07 Jadeveon Clowney


POSITION: Outside Linebacker (OLB)

SCHOOL:  South Carolina

HEIGHT:  6-5     

WEIGHT:  266

40 Time:  4.53


  • Though he has played his collegiate career at the DE position and projected to play there at the next level…his skills dicate his best long term position at NFL level to be strongside OLB
  • He would be better utilized in upright position where he can move and gain momentum and allow his fluidity & athleticism be exploited versus blockers at OLB off edge
  • His number of splash plays and consistency at his new position would elevate his overall play throughout duration of games
  • He would possesses an improved jump off snap playing in space…providing a decisive advantage over blockers…and consistently keeping them on their heals
  • He provides good closing speed in pursuit of ball carriers…possessing the speed and athleticism to run down plays from the backside
  • Providing good change of direction and lateral movement for the position



  • Strongside OLB is his most effective position…though he is an excellent athlete he lacks the consistent hand technique to consistently defeat blockers at the next level to be a NFL teams primary pass rusher off the edge…along with his high hipped build limiting his ability to play in space & ability to effectively play in tight confined areas as exclusive pass rusher off edge versus NFL quality OLman
  • Unknown production at new position…and lack of versatility as mainly strongside OLB instantly drops his prospect value
  • Where is the consistent intensity and tenacious play in his game?
  • Lacks the natural instincts and feel for the game….more athlete than football player
  • Projecting to OLB there would still be issues with him losing track of ball…and dropping his field awareness and overall effectiveness
  • Needs improved functional strength for his overall success at new position
  • Additional upper & lower body strength would assist him at strongside OLB having to consistently defend the run…and taking on NFL teams blocking TEs
  • Needs to improve looking for path of least resistance instead of MAKING a path to the ball…which will result in a lack of consistent play at new position
  • Will need to improve balance/ leverage off snap…and counter moves/ hand technique on initial contact versus blockers at OLB…allowing him to consistently defeat blockers in all facets of his game
  • Has considerable trouble disengaging from blockers after initial contact…taking him out of plays he could be part of…and improved hand technique would help in this area of his game
  • Too often his first instinct is to loop outside around blockers in pass rush mode…he will need to improve this aspect at his new position



1st Round (Top 5)





2nd Round (Mid)






  • With his position change many of his deficiencies as DE are somewhat eliminated…and provides him more of an advantage as a player projecting him to the next level.



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