Jordan Wilkins

#22 Jordan Wilkins


POSITION: Running Back (RB)

SCHOOL: Mississippi

HEIGHT:  6-1    

WEIGHT:  217

40 Time:  4.51


  • Projecting forward to the next level…his running style dictates he will excel best running between the tackles as a north & south runner
  • For a nice sized RB he displays good feet in tight areas…allowing him to keep defenders off balance…and then assisting him in gaining additional yardage
  • His stature and running style reminds me of current NFL/ Pro Bowl/ RB “Matt Forte“…both are dual threats on the ground & through the air (though Wilkins lacks Forte’s long speed)
  • He is a quick decisive runner with the ball in his hands…who is relatively a one-cut and get upfield runner…and who displays an effective jump step while on the move…allowing him to avoiding oncoming defenders
  • He displays excellent short area burst making his way through holes
  • He displays more leg strength than his thin build would indicate…and assist him in consistently ending runs leaning forward after last contact
  • He is a natural hands catcher coming out of the backfield…which only adds to his overall value…and making him viable to a wider array of offenses at the next level





  • He lacks the ideal long speed looked for from the position transitioning forward
  • Can use additional weight to fill out his frame more proportionally…which would take his overall game to another level
  • At times takes too many false steps…which hampers his development & overall effectiveness
  • His lack of production at the collegiate level is a red flag (his skill set dictated far more production)
  • Was ruled out ineligible during 2016 collegiate season





7th Round – UDFA





5th Round (Late)





  • Wilkins is the classic talent who for numerous reasons lacked the production at the collegiate level…
  • But who could easily have a more productive career at the NFL level…provided he goes to the right situation where he can receive the touches needed to reveal his under utilized talents


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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