Cardale Jones

#12 Cardale Jones


POSITION: Tight End (TE)

SCHOOL:  Ohio State

HEIGHT:  6-5     

WEIGHT:  250

40 Time:  4.77


  • He has received somewhat limited snaps as starting QB for the Buckeyes throughout his collegiate career…(as a starting National Championship winning QB)…the problem is he lacks the QB/IQ & progression reads needed to EVER play the position at the level needed projecting forward to the NFL
  • When evaluating him at QB what stood out most when plays would breakdown was the athleticism & the smoothness in which he ran for a player of his size…and his skills dictate the move to TE for his best long term position at the next level
  • He possesses excellent size and athleticism ideal for the position change to TE…and his build and frame dictates he could add additional weight without a drop in his effectiveness at TE
  • He is a one-cut…quick accelerator…who runs the ball with a physical mentality…whose more of a straight-line runner…and who gobbles up the hashes & yardage quickly!
  • And he tends to consistently finish off runs leaning forward after last contact…which goes back to his physical mentality…and which is an excellent trait that makes the transition to the TE much more successful for Cardale



  • Would he be open to the position change?
  • Does he have the skill-sets to catch?
  • Is he a natural hands catcher?
  • Does he have the ability to be a comparable blocker as TE?



3rd – 4th Round



Undrafted Free Agent



  • Personally I hope this player was to take hold of the transition to the new position of TE. Though his love may be at QB…his success beyond the college level will be at TE. Not only does he have the athletic traits to be a prominent TE…but now that he has made himself eligible for the draft…the position move to TE will have to come at the NFL level after an unsuccessful go at QB!



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