Derek Carr

#04 Derek Carr


POSITION: Quarterback (QB)

SCHOOL:  Fresno State

HEIGHT:  6-2     

WEIGHT:  215

40 Time:  4.69


  • He possesses a nice frame transitioning to the next level…with additional room for growth…along with displaying a winning mentality
  • He exhibits an above average football IQ…with a quick set-up in the pocket and efficient ball handling skills
  • He stands tall in the pocket with quick decisive decision making skills…moveing along the pocket instinctively concentrating downfield in the passing game not on defenders
  • Possessing a gunslinger mentality regularly pushing the ball downfield…forcing defenses to defend the entire field
  • Then displaying a natural awareness and instinct to exit the pocket…with quick fluid feet assisting him
  • He shows good throwing mechanics and follow through on passes…with quick release recognition…and the arm strength to complete the full compliment of routes along the field
  • Displaying good velocity & accuracy…ball placement…and delivering catchable passes with good touch on underneath to intermediate passes
  • He shows a consistency extending plays in the passing game with his feet…all the while keeping his eyes downfield to make plays in the passing game first
  • With an above average efficiency throwing on the move without having to set his feet…while making effective decisions on the run



  • Improved overall pocket presence and composure under pressure
  • Lacks consistent field progression reads especially downfield…drops value considerably
  • Needs to improve accuracy on downfield passes…frequently over throwing outside targets catching radius
  • Lacks multi-dimensional threat as runner versus defenses



1st Round



2nd Round (Top)




  • The ideal situation for Carr would be selected in 2ndRD as i’m projecting. Then there wouldn’t be the need to rush him on the field. Allowing him to work on his deficiencies as explained above…and maturing into a QB that can help lead your team as more than a system QB but short of whats considered an upper tier franchise QB.



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