George Iloka

#08 George Iloka


POSITION: Strong Safety (SS)

SCHOOL:  Boise Sate

HEIGHT:  6-4     

WEIGHT:  225

40 Time:  4.60


  • He possesses good size and the athletic skills looked for from the position…his physical stature still has room for physical maturity development…allowing for more higher ceiling/ upside
  • He displays good aggression both defending the run and in pass defense
  • He shows no hesitation coming up to fill lanes and support the run……who consistently takes on ball carriers close to the line of scrimmage…..frequently bringing down opponents solo one on one
  • He is also very effective at delivering a good impact at point of attack versus opponents…..along with being an excellent finisher on tackles
  • When defending the pass he possesses a good blend of range and instincts……along with the closing speed to track down passes or run down ball carriers from sideline to sideline
  • He shows a good knack for tracking/ finding balls while in the air…..a real nose for the ball… go along with his already mentioned attributes…..he adds to his package of skills a soft pair of hands which he utilizes very well when balls our in his area
  • He is a no doubt about it big play performer…….who shows a consistent knack for being around when a big play happens……luck?….or being prepared to take advantage when opportunities arise?????



  • At times over aggressive in enthusiasm to make the play



2nd Round  –  3rd Round



3rd Round




  • As the draft has neared more and more have noticed his variety of skills. He is IMO the best overall SS in his draft class


Profile by: (Ken Becks) @1stDown_Scout

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