Leonard Williams

#94 Leonard Williams


POSITION: Defensive Tackle (DT)


HEIGHT:  6-5     

WEIGHT:  300

40 Time:  4.97


  • He is listed by most entering the draft at DE…but his skill sets dictate the move to DT transitioning to the next level
  • He is definitely the type of player that looks the part in his uniform…or coming off the bus
  • At times displays an effective bull rush…which is assisted by his natural strength in his hand & arm areas…providing a good initial punch pushing opposing blockers around
  • He displays quick change of direction for a player of his size…along with good reactionary skills locating ball
  • He exhibits good closing speed on ball carriers…which allows him to provide the occasional splash plays



  • He is limited as a one dimensional 4-3/DT prospect (drops draft value) from tape evaluation…as his best chance for success
  • Conditioning in question…near end of games sluggish moving off snap & throughout plays
  • Lacks consistent sense of urgency…high motor…and activity from snap-to-whistle
  • Off the snap he lacks initial explosion…too high out of stance…and consistently lacks effective initial contact versus blockers…to ever consider him becoming the “dominate force” as expected by most
  • Needs vast improvement with initial hand technique combating opposing blockers
  • Too often he gives up ground at POA versus opponents…more often waiting to look for ball…instead of going after it aggressively and getting ball
  • Lacks ability to consistently keep his feet when blocks are thrown to his lower body
  • When he does receive one on one single block opportunities…there lacks the dominance expected
  • He is a liability versus the run (especially split wide)…he doesn’t display the consistent physical tenacity needed in the trenches…just not stout enough
  • Lacks the ability to consistently collapse the pocket



1st Round (Top 5)




2nd Round (Mid)





  • His ineffectiveness defending the run & poor tackling skills raise major concerns here. Though he is an explosive talent that will provide splash plays…on an every down basis I just don’t trust him against the run enough to give him a higher grade.

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