Vic Beasley

#03 Vic Beasley


POSITION: Outside Linebacker (OLB)

SCHOOL:  Clemson

HEIGHT:  6-3     

WEIGHT:  246

40 Time:  4.53


  • He bring good size and athleticism to the position of OLB transitioning to the next level
  • He is a quick twitch athlete…with excellent change of direction & first step explosion…these skills convert into him making a number of splash & impact plays
  • He is really effective as a chase defender…his 40 time definitely shows up on the field
  • In pass rush mode he consistently defeats blockers close to his size or smaller…and his intensity for the game frequently shows up gaining ground upfield versus opposing blockers
  • At this point in his career he excels most as a pass rusher off the edge…who is more effective rushing the passer in space away from traffic
  • He displays such relentless aggression rushing the passer…who consistently keeps edge blockers on their heels on an every snap basis
  • He is an active rusher off the edge…who explodes into blockers off the snap…initiating first contact and quickly gaining the all important leverage/ balance advantage over most
  • He continuously keeps himself small when in pass rush mode…making it it that more difficult for opponents to get a hold and contain him
  • Once he gets a step on blockers he frequently makes them pay…registering QB sacks in the column
  • He deploys an OUTSTANDING spin move on blockers…that is even effective in tight areas
  • He has a quick transition disengaging out of pass rush mode to pursuing the ball…he displays excellent closing speed all along the field on ball carriers



  • He is thinly built in the leg area…adding bulk & weight to would improve his chances for success moving forward
  • A major hole in his game is his inability to consistently defend the run…he literally gets demolished at the POA defending the run
  • He needs to take on blockers more effectively at POA…he tends to get engulfed after initial contact by larger blockers
  • He has to learn to keep blockers at a distance with extended arms when defending the run…this would prevent him being engulfed by blockers
  • Too often gets pinned inside on run plays to his side
  • Needs to become more physical tackler on an every down basis
  • He sells out so much on pass rush looping to the outside…that he tends to leave run gaps inside of him…this brings up red flags of “football IQ & awareness”
  • Would like to see him incorporate a bull rush…or more brute strength to his pass rush repertoire…this would take his game to another level



1st Round (Top 10)




1st Round (20 & Down)





  • His ineffectiveness defending the run & poor tackling skills raise major concerns here. Though he is an explosive talent that will provide splash plays…on an every down basis I just don’t trust him against the run enough to give him a higher grade.

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